Yes I Braved The Cold | OOTD: Baby Pink Vibes

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Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Hey guys,

I haven't done a lifestyle post in so long, mainly because its SO cold, but I braved the cold! Baby pink is my favourite colour and in trend along with puffa jackets and the choker look.

If you want a more casual look, you can style it with baby pink and white Adidas Superstar trainers:

Outfit details:
Petite White Joni Jeans - Topshop
Baby Pink Choker Top - Topshop
Baby Pink Puffa Jacket - Berksha (Westfield)
Over the Knee Boots - Truffle Collection, Asos
Adidas Superstar Trainers: JD
Scarf: Gucci
Sunglasses: Prada

Which look do you prefer? Are you a trainer or boots lover? Or both?! Let me know!
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Sat Night Journal | A Life Learning

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Saturday, February 11, 2017
So as I lay in bed on a Saturday night watching bride wars, thinking am I ever going to get married (why do us girls love watching rom coms knowing they can get us sad ha), my mind started to have a wonder.
When i'm close to someone, they can do me wrong and as soon as they chat all those memories about us both run back and I automatically almost forget what they did! Can you relate? In most cases it's someone i'm not close with, so it's easy to just walk away from it. But when it's someone close, when do you draw the line?

I always tell myself life is short to be holding grudges with people. If anything settle the problem and distance yourself, at least then there's closure on it.

But I find myself in situations sometimes where the same type of things with the same people happen because they think they its will forgive anyway.

So I've become more strict, is that the word? .. not so forgiving in some cases.

I've learn't to put myself and my happiness first. If that means we don't talk for months then okay. People will never acknowledge their wrong doing if you let them think it's okay to act a type of way.

& ofc it will be hard at first, but remember you have dignity and know your worth. Don't make excuses for people's good - we all have good in us. Ask yourself "would someone who cared about me do that?"

Forgiving people is a good trait to have and shows you have a kind heart, but don't let it take over your happiness. At the end of the day, if that person is mean't to be in your life, they will. No matter how long it takes.

What are you like as a person?
S x
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How To De-Stress Yourself | Inner Peace

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Thursday, February 02, 2017
Hey guys,

So we all go through times when we feel stressed and down, sometimes we don't even know why! You know when you can't sleep, get moody, irritated... 

Usually when i'm stressed, I go gym consistently and try keep busy. But recently, I've been intrigued by Yoga.

There are loads of benefits to it:

- Increases flexibility
- Reduces stress
- Increases muscle strength/toning
- Weight reduction

I did an online day 1 beginner on YouTube in my room & it is way harder than you think.. but I felt so much relief after! Your body just feels less tense. They do a class at my gym (Pure Gym) for £4 for an hour per week. So I tried it last night and I loved it!

It's my new way to de-stress. Okay I've only done 2 classes so I don't know if i'll carry on for ages but I want to see how it goes. Some people think it isn't exercising but it definitely is. I didn't realise how much you have to concentrate on your balance and the use of your muscles - my abs are aching today!

But don't let it put you off. You feel so relaxed and try forget about all your problems. It's also a bit of "me time" - I love me time!

What do you do to de-stress? Have you ever tried Yoga?

S x
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New YouTube Channel | London Girls

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Thursday, January 26, 2017
So me and my girl Laura, who also blogs, thought it would be fun to set up a YouTube channel.


We will be filming more videos from giving advice on various topics to general things too. If you have any questions, or ideas you would want us to film on, please do comment below :) If you like what you saw from the video, we would love if you could subscribe <3

Laura's links:

Twitter: @laurablog2013
P.s - any positive or negative feedback we can use to improve our next video is welcomed! If you like my blog, don't forget to follow me! :)

S x

5 Signs He Won't Wife You #BoyBye - Part 1

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Don't you love that excited feeling you get when you're talking to a potential bae? In some cases, it doesn't last more than a few days, those are the worst! But when it does, how do you know if you're wasting your time?

1. He makes you wonder if he's still interested
- If a guy likes you, you will know.

2. He only ever wants to chill
- We all love chilling and having a cuddle etc. But a guy that genuinely likes you will want to be making memories outside as well as in. If he only wants to be chilling, we know what he really wants.
Guys will say dumb lines like "what's the difference between chilling in a house or outside?" There's a big difference boo. And I don't need to be at yours. If you don't like it #boybye - don't be scared to stand your ground incase he walks away, trust me - he's not going to walk away if he wants you, if anything it will make him stay.

3. He says "I'm not ready for a relationship yet, but I want to see how things go with us"
- What they really mean is, I want to let you think this may go somewhere so I can have fun with you.
Of course, if you want to have fun then go ahead, but remember, "friends with benefits" doesn't mean they will end up liking/committing to you - let's face it, when we like a guy that's what we sometimes think. Also, they aren't our friend.

4. He's longing out the commitment
- Have you ever seen those guys that say they don't want a girl, their a player and fuckboy and next min out of nowhere, their all wifed up and in love. Let me tell you, if a guy REALLY likes you, he IS GOING TO WIFE YOU. Ready or not, he will do it, he's not about to let you go. If he's longing it, he isn't serious, he's wasting your time. Tell him bye bye #BoyBye

5. Playing games
- Honestlyyy, what is with our generation and games?! A guy that is interested is not about to be playing games, he will let you know he wants you, and not want to lose you.

What signs do you think shows a guy won't commit? - I have so many points so part 2 coming soon!
S x
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Fuck boy lessons of 2016 | Boy Bye

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Friday, December 23, 2016
2016 has definitely had a lot more blessings than lessons. It's been a good year, but it's always fun to share our fuck boy moments isn't it?!

Lessons . . .
I honestly have the WORST luck when it comes to guys, e.g. you can see my relationship post here and dating post here.

2016 has consisted of the same shit, different guy, seriously.
1. Feb-June:
You know when a guy says he wants to see what happens with you, but really he's only about sex, being rude and wasting your time. Yep that happened.
2. June-Sept:
I had better hopes for this one as I used to see him when I was 17. We lost contact & bumped into each other and got back together. "I really like you & don't want to lose you".
*This is moving quick lets act dumb so she ends it with me*.

                   3. Sept-Oct:
This was even worse. You know when you have a "more than" friendship with one of your guy best friends (of 4 years may I add), and it's only a matter of time before it leads to something more. Yep.

We went on dates, slept at his, "when you going to be my girl" bla bla all those dumb lines.

*wait, its getting serious, taking her on dates, treating her good and asking when she's going to be my girl, has made her want to be my girl*

Let's tell her I never led her on, I'm not ready to commit and upload snap of him and girl who's been making moves to him then when I get mad twist it on me because "I can do what I want". (we haven't spoken to this day since that).

4. Nov
I went on a date, which I thought we vibed so good on. I was mad excited. He was tall, hot, and lived down the road. We had another date planned....except we never spoke again.
And to this day:

Welll..... The June-Sept one & me are speaking again, and he wants to go on a date. Part of me wants to and the other is saying to leave these fuckboys behind in 2016 and find someone new. What you think?!

I'll do another post in 2017 and update!
Do you have any fuck boy moments?
S x
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Current Wants #Fashion

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Saturday, December 10, 2016


The playsuit looks reaaally nice with over the knee boots - I saw an image of Megan Mckenna in it and then found it on a boutique's website! The Gucci belt I'm not looking to get just yet, but the Juicy Couture tracksuit is something I've always wanted and I think I've gone on about it so much I may be getting it for Christmas from my parents haha wahoo!

Is there anything you want at the moment?

S x
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